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April 13, 2023

Skirafting Utah: Monticello to Mt. Hillers.

Photos and Video by: Mike Curiak

Mike Curiak and Jeff Creamer recently took part on a multi-range ski traverse, connecting the Abajo and Henry Mountains with a float of lower Cataract Canyon. The route just looked too diverse and too interesting to pass up.

"The most cursory of glances at SE Utah snowpack sealed the deal. First, heaps of snow in the high country meant we'd be able to cover more distance on skis than in an average year. Distance on skis beats distance afoot with skis on your back anytime. That's not just a theory -- we proved it out by survival skiing (~2:50 of vid below) miles deep into Fable Valley, and as bad as that skiing was it was eminently more efficient than the heavily laden walking that followed. Sliding beats stomping, plain and simple."

Second, Lake Powell is at an historic low level -- reservoir less than 25% full -- which meant that we'd have full current from our put-in at Gypsum Canyon to our takeout at Trachyte Canyon. Floating is easier than skiing, which is easier than walking, but who's going to argue about having current vs. plowing along in flatwater? Not me." - Excerpt from Mike Curiak's recent blog post about this trip.

Check out the trip video and take a look at photo essay below. Get inspired and read the full story by visiting Mike Curiak's blog.

Get inspired and read the full story by visiting Mike Curiak's blog.