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This Is Packrafting

May 5, 2020

New Species Across Patagonia’s Waterways


In Search of New Species Across Patagonia’s Waterways Photos by: Anand Varma and R. Isaí Madriz In 2017 entomologist, Fulbright Fellow and National Geographic Explorer, Dr. Isaí Madriz relocated from the United States to the Aysén region of Chilean Patagonia to begin the first insect conservation program in the region. […]


April 28, 2020

Lituya Bay to Haines: Ski-Mountaineering and Packrafting

Adventure Stories, Skiing, Athletes & Ambassadors

Lituya Bay to Haines A ski-Mountaineering and packraft traverse in Southeast Alaska. Written by: Dulkara Martig Photos by: Dulkara Martig and Christian Martin A few years ago an email popped up in my inbox with ‘temptation awaits’ in the subject line. It was Friday afternoon, I was five days into […]


April 21, 2020

From Packrafts to PPE

Conservation Efforts, News, Events, Reviews, Uncategorized

Switching From Packrafts to PPE Alpacka Raft helps the community by making hospital gowns in times of need. Alpacka Raft has recently switched from packrafts to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) during the pandemic. Since all of our packrafts are manufactured in our Mancos, Colorado shop, we have been able to […]


April 10, 2020

Mapping Lechuguilla Cave

Adventure Stories, Conservation, Conservation Efforts

Mapping Lechuguilla Cave Words and photos by: Stephen Eginoire At the foot of New Mexico’s Guadalupe Mountains in Carlsbad Caverns National Park lies one of the world’s great subterranean anomalies, Lechuguilla Cave. The portal to this extraordinary underground wilderness is quite literally a hole in the ground, and up until […]


April 8, 2020

Packraft Trip to Quarantine

Adventure Stories

The Packraft Trip to Quarantine Prepping and packing our way to solitude. Written By: Outdoor Adventure Ultra Athlete and Global Influencer,Buck Macho (a.k.a. Jesse Angelo) As it became clear that things were about to go a little sideways, my wife and I made the decision to make our way up to […]


April 1, 2020

Packraft Training Tips from Sarah Histand

Athletes & Ambassadors

Packraft Training Tips From Packrafter and Personal Trainer, Sarah Histand Written by: Sarah Histand | Photos: Luc Mehl We may be stuck at home, but it doesn’t mean we can’t start getting ready for paddling season. Once we flatten the pandemic curve, we’ll be on the river in no time. […]


March 30, 2020

Project Packraft In Place

Adventure Stories, Family Packrafting, Uncategorized

Project Packraft-In-Place Sheltering in place—how I incorporated packrafts while staying home. Written by: Emily Ledergerber | Photos: Cody Doig Who knew packrafts had so many uses? From yoga, to sofa chairs, to the perfect desk, packrafts helped me shake things up a bit. Packrafts have been a great tool to […]


March 28, 2020

Packrafting Films

Adventure Stories, Conservation, Trip Ideas, Uncategorized

Great Packrafting Films For Your Home Screen. Check out a good compilation of recent films to help you get stoked for packrafting.


March 25, 2020

The Alpacka Dog Pack Is Social Distancing Too

Dogs of Packrafting, Uncategorized

Social Distancing At Its Finest:How the Alpacka Raft Dog Pack is keeping calm and staying their distance. Photos: Dustin Partridge, Emily Ledergerber, Ragina Bilbrey, Nancy McLain Halls, Hannah Sturm, Zach Irwin, Molly Sharpe Harrison As with many, several of us at Alpacka Raft are working from home and staying in […]


March 18, 2020

COVID-19 Update


COVID-19 Update A message to the packrafting community about how we’re handling the pandemic. Dear Packrafting Community, If anything, 2020 has been a rollercoaster. Just as we started into March and early season packrafting in the Northern Hemisphere, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US and Europe with full force. On […]


March 10, 2020

Inspiration for Adventuring Close to Home

Adventure Stories, Trip Ideas

Trip Ideas in the Southwest to Help You Adventure Near Home Looking to avoid travel, but still want to have fun? Not all adventures require flight travel or long distances to be great, including packrafting trips. Avoid the crowds, hop in your packraft and pick an adventure close to home.  […]


February 26, 2020

A Hidden Triangle of Wild – Into the Badger-Two Medicine

Adventure Stories

A Hidden Triangle of Wild – Into the Badger-Two Medicine Photos and Story by Tara Kramer We followed grizzly tracks along the old road bed for the entire first day. Over a pass, along the ridge, down into the thin waters of the South Fork of the Badger. We’d loose […]


February 19, 2020

Packrafting Sin Fronteras


Reflections from the Rio Bravo Written by Monica Morin | Photos by Parker Anders It’s winter and the desert is calling. The decision was made to push the boundaries and plan a 19-day packrafting trip down the Rio Grande River in Texas/Rio Bravo in Chihuahua Mexico. The 210 mile stretch […]


February 5, 2020

Third Annual #DogsOfPackrafting Photo Contest!

Dogs of Packrafting, Uncategorized

Thank you to everyone who voted for our #DogsOfPackrafting (and cats too!) photo contest on Facebook and Instagram. The votes have been tallied and the results are in. See below to check out the winners! Winner: First Place!“Towing the dogs around Kachemak Bay.”Submitted by: Sarah Metzger @metzie79 2nd Place:“Me and […]


January 29, 2020

A Ski to Packraft Odyssey in British Columbia’s Coast Mountains

Adventure Stories

Photos by Andrew Burr | Story Carmen Kuntz And so it began… With gusting winds blowing outside, we were cold just thinking about the whitewater to ski touring trip we had planned for early February in BC’s Coast Mountains. But good friends will follow good friends into questionable adventures. So, […]


January 23, 2020

Packrafting in British Columbia: A Provincial Park Ranger’s Personal Take


Packrafting in British Columbia: A Provincial Park Ranger’s Personal Take Story and Photos by Darragh Carroll, Park Ranger Darragh Carroll is a Park Ranger who looks after 15 Provincial Parks in the Whistler/Pemberton area of Canada. Irish-born, Darragh has now lived in beautiful British Columbia for nearly seven years. He […]


January 15, 2020

Gateway to Fun – California Women’s Watersport Collective Adds Packrafts to their lineup

News, Events, Reviews

Photo and Stories from: The California Women’s Watersport Collective The California Women’s Watersport Collective (Cali Collective) added two donated Alpacka Raft Gnarwhals to their lineup. “We are thrilled to have these great packrafts in their quiver. And holy moly…we were missing out without them!”, said Melissa DeMarie, Cali Collective’s Chief […]


January 8, 2020

Broken Roads—A journey through Knoydart, one of the UK’s least accessible peninsulas.

Adventure Stories, Bikerafting, Athletes & Ambassadors

Broken Roads—A journey through Knoydart, one of the UK’s least accessible peninsulas. Story, Photos and Film By: Annie Lloyd Evans Featuring Annie Lloyd Evans and Huw Oliver This is my pee bottle, don’t be alarmed if you see me using it in the night”. Quite forward from a man id […]


December 25, 2019

Welcome to the World of Packrafting

News, Events, Reviews

Lightweight Boats, Easy Portages, Fun, Fun, Fun — Welcome to Packrafting Story by Marilyne Marchand. Feature photo by Tomas Zalepa. Other photographers identified in individual photos. Imagine a canoe or kayak course connecting several different streams that do not communicate with one another. Impassable rapids and passages too shallow to […]


December 18, 2019

A Paddle / Climb Expedition on Baffin Island

Adventure Stories, Climbing

Story and Photos by Bronwyn Hodgins This summer myself, my husband (Jacob Cook) and two of my longtime closest friends (Zack Goldberg-Poch and Thor Stewart) traveled to Baffin Island in northern Canada, only a few hundred km across the bay from Greenland. Our mission was to climb some big mountain […]